Honestly I was a bit scared at the start. Because I’m not one to speak up in groups or anything like that. But by the second session I was doing role play. They just made it so comfortable to have your opinion.


I think the time of these sessions was pretty much perfect. Long enough to get what I needed, without taking up a whole chunk of the day.


I have more clarity when I have these conversations. I think my message is coming across alot clearer. I think it’s having more impact. But I also I think it’s given me that confidence to take those conversations to the next level as opposed to just tick the box.


The models are so practical. Like I can actually see myself asking those questions.


I’ve already put alot of what we learned into practice, and it’s made me feel alot more confident going into these conversations


I’m now much better at getting more information so that I can give more direct and clear feedback while still respecting people


I think it probably works better in this kind of forum rather than us smashing this all out in a day. You get to go away and start really thinking about the models. And I’m actually going out there and applying it


Seeing these skills executed in real time really gives me a good idea of how you can actually use these tools, and deliver it differently.

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